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storage solutions

Our humble yet dedicated, knowledgeable and highly motivated team, is here to serve you as best as possible. All offered services, can be tailored to suit your company’s needs, in order to have a smooth operation during the execution. It is important to us to understand your needs in order to tailor the right solution that will fit.

  • Open yard & shelter storage (Singapore | Malaysia)
  • Container yard
  • Non-bonded (Singapore | Malaysia)
  • Bonded (Singapore | Malaysia)
  • General manpower or skilled Manpower are available

Our team is operating 2 open yard storage facilities. Whereas the bigger facility would be in Tuas and the smaller facility would be around 5 minutes away from Jurong Port. 

The Tuas facility has around 30,000 sqft of storage area whereas the facility near to Jurong Port has around 20,000 sqft of storage facility. 

Both storage facilities are equipped with forklifts / mobile cranes for cargo handling IN and OUT.  

We operate a warehouse with a total storage capacity of 20,000 sqft. The warehouse is equipped with container loading and unloading bays / racking system / reach trucks / 3 ton forklifts / pallet jacks and other cargo movement equipment such as but not limited to others heavy duty dollies. 

It is approximately 1 min away from Jurong Port. 

Currently we are in discussions to add another 20,000 sqft of total storage area within the same location. 

Coming soon 

Located in an strategic location within southern part of Malaysia. The open yard facility has an total storage area of about 600,000 sqft. 

The strategic location allows for fast transfer of cargoes from Singapore to Malaysia vice versa. The distance is rather short between the facility and ports like Pasir Gudang and Tanjung Pelepas. 

The 600,000 sqft of open yard can be converted 100% into a bonded facility or parts of it. 

If the service(s) that you might be looking for, does not appear in the above. It might be under a different category. You are most welcome to contact us at any given time, to find out more about the offered services.