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Our humble yet dedicated, knowledgeable and highly motivated team, is here to serve you as best as possible. All offered services, can be tailored to suit your company’s needs, in order to have a smooth operation during the execution. It is important to us to understand your needs in order to tailor the right solution that will fit.

  • Vessel chartering (LOLO / FOFO / RORO)
  • Aircraft chartering
  • Containerized and non-containerized movements
  • Shipments in special equipment like OTC, FRC, Mafis etc.
  • Heavy Lifting
  • Transportation for over-dimensional, heavy load and loose cargo with or without Police escort
  • Site / Cargo / Road Survey
  • Transportation planning including of trailer configurations 
  • Vessel chartering: Multi Purpose / Heavy Lift / RORO / FLO-FLO 
  • Deck binwall barges
  • Flat top barges 
  • Towing
  • Chartering of freighters (varies sizes) for urgent and high value goods 
  • Loading and Discharging of goods alongside airplane 
  • We offer varies sizes of trailers that are able to carry any loads of cargoes
  • Trailers that we can offer: Goldhofer THP/SL; Goldhofer PST/SL; Scheuerle SPMT; Lowbeds 
  • As towing/movement we offer: Power Pack Units / Powerful Trucks 
  • For any other none heavy lift cargoes, we are able to deploy Lowbeds / Flatbeds / Auto Ramp Lowbeds / Low Loaders 
  • We offer a wide range of mobile cranes / crawler cranes that will be able to cater for varies heavy lifts. 
  • If one unit is not sufficient enough, we are able to deploy an additional crane for tandem lift. 
  • For cargo movements that require auxiliary police services for escort. We conduct route surveys in advanced and a final route survey shortly before the movement takes place. 
  • It is very important to take numerous rout surveys, as the road conditions / and structures along the route might change during time.  
  • By conducting site surveys, our main focus is to determine. How we can maneviour our trailers while exiting / entering to site. Or where to setup our mobile cranes. 
  • For lifting operations it is a vital activity to conduct a site survey in order to determine as well whether or not the selected crane and its capacity is able to lift the cargo from point A to point B
  • For us, it is very important to conduct cargo surveys, prior to any lifting or transportation. In order to understand the cargo and its characteristics such as: COG / Heavy Portion / Lifting Points /... 
  • The main goal, by conducting cargo surveys. Is to reduce the risk for the actual transportation / lifting

If the service(s) that you might be looking for, does not appear in the above. It might be under a different category. You are most welcome to contact us at any given time, to find out more about the offered services.