cross - Crossborder


Cross border trucking is a ever growing important service in Singapore. It facilitates many businesses from trading, fabrication to manufacturing and a lot more other industries.

It is a cheaper and faster option comparing to ocean & air freight services. Unfortunate, due to the increase of over sized cargo accidents in the past, strict cargo dimensions limits were put into place by ICA Singapore, based on a consultancy study.  

As per law these limits are as follows: 

  • Maximum Length: 22.00 meters 
  • Maximum Width: 3.50 meters 
  • Maximum total Height: 5.00 meters

However, thanks to our long year relationship with our trucking partner in Malaysia. We are able to support, project cargoes via this service, with dimensions exceeding the maximum. 

If you should have any enquiries pertaining to cross border trucking, feel free to contact us at any given time.

cross border china MALAYSIA - Crossborder
  • Road transport from Singapore into Malaysia and up to Thailand vice versa
  • Bonded & non-bonded open yard / sheltered yard in Malaysia / cost saving
  • 30min drive away from Singapore
  • Less than 40min away from major ports within Malaysia (Tanjung Pelepas / Pasir Gudang)