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AIR Freight CAPablities

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International forwarding is a balancing act between cost, time and environmental concerns. That is the many reasons companies choose SMP Global for cost effective and fast delivery of their cargo.

Our customers are confident with SMP strategic alliances around the world, giving the flexibility to choose from a wide variety of seamless air and ocean freight service options tailored to the precise needs, complete with end-to-end visibility.

Our humble yet dedicated, knowledgeable and highly motivated team, is here to serve you as best as possible.

Airfreight Time Sensitive Products 

  • Express – 1-2 days for urgent cargo
  • Standard – 3-5 days, flexible choice
  • Economy – 5-7 days, maximizing cost effectiveness

DG Handling

Our members have undergone dangerous goods (DG) training to understand the rules and regulations while handling varies DG classes for import and export.