Added value services

Our humble yet dedicated, knowledgeable and highly motivated team, is here to serve you as best as possible. All offered services, can be tailored to suit your company’s needs, in order to have a smooth operation during the execution. It is important to us to understand your needs in order to tailor the right solution that will fit. 

  • In-house AutoCAD Drawings (lifting plans | trailer configurations)
  • Refurbishment & rebuilding of machines
  • Crating and shrink wrapping
  • Marine insurance coverage
  • Cleaning and painting of machines
  • Welding services with certified welders
  • Fabrication of parts
  • Fumigation
  • Container inspection
  • Pick and Pack of loose cargoes
  • Kitting processes  
  • KPI and Statistics reports  
  • In-house WMS development 


Some countries such as China / India / Australia but not limited to others, require services such as cleaning and painting of parts. Otherwise there might be several issues at the destination such as but not limited to others, customs acceptance which will lead to customs clearance delays which will lead to additional costs such as Port Storage charges / penalties and other additional charges that could have been avoided with the help of cleaning / painting of parts. Below are some of the examples of several Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) components that went thru this process. So far members of the team, have done this kind of works for several TBM’s and other cargoes that were bound for countries such as China / India / Australia in the last couple of years, way before SMP has started.

Motors 1 - Added valueMotors 2 - Added value
Articulation Jacks 1 - Added valueArticulation Jacks 2 - Added value
Erector 1 - Added valueErector 2 - Added value


Crating of cargoes is a great way to protect all sorts of cargoes from sustaining damages during transportation / storage / shipments. Below are some pictures of past projects that were done by our team members before and during the SMP establishment.

If the service(s) that you might be looking for, does not appear in the above. It might be under a different category. You are most welcome to contact us at any given time, to find out more about the offered services.